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Hawaii Homeschooling

Aloha and welcome to your best resource on the web for homeschooling in the beautiful state of Hawaii! Here you'll find information, tips, and resources about the laws regulating home educatioin in Hawaii, support groups, how to choose curriculum, things to do, and more. You probably have lots of questions as you begin this journey. We've got lots of answers!

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How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Child
Sonlight Curriculum
Sonlight Curriculum gives some guidance to choosing the right programs for your child.
Preschool Math Worksheets and Printables
Preschool math worksheets help your young learner develop essential early math skills. From number recognition to counting to addition, preschoolers learn a lot about numbers in one year. Our collection of preschool math worksheets is designed for kids who want to build skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. These preschool math worksheets help present new number topics to kids in a way that's fun and easy to understand. Help foster a culture of learning by doing these preschool math worksheets with your child.
Crazy 4 Math Contest
Kids, Share your creative math ideas! Describe how you use math in any activity you love to do—a sport, game, craft, hobby or anything else. Send in a description of the activity and how you use math. You can also include a drawing or diagram. All participants will receive an MP3 of Googol Power's new song "Crazy 4 Math" at the end. All finalists receive a copy of Googol Power's award winning CD "Multiplication Vacation". There are many other great prizes to be won including the chance to have your idea featured nationally in David M. Schwartz's "Math Moments"™ magazine column. Winners will be chosen by online voting.
Unschooling at the Beach
L. S. King
A look at how taking a break from the house for a day doesn't mean a break from learning.

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